How does it work?

We pick up your dog from your home or from a convenient location in one of our vans. After the last pick up in Zurich City we make our way out to our facility in Wiesendangen, which is approximately 20 minutes outside the city.

Now the fun begins! Your beloved pooch will have fun socialising, swimming, sniffing new smells, playing and running around with his furry friends in our large outdoor play area. Once tired out, they can curl up for a nap in one of our dog beds and enjoy getting belly rubs from us.

Thanks to this quality care, you can enjoy your day knowing your dog is in safe hands. In the evening we hand over your dog to you at the agreed meeting point or directly at your home.

How much does it cost?

Please see our services pricing page for cost.

Where are we located?

Our facility is approximately 20 minutes outside of Zurich City in Wiesendangen.

Why it important is my dog does a “trial day” first?

Keeping your furry family member safe and happy is our top priority. Before your dog can attend our daycare, we will conduct a trial day with your dog to determine if they are comfortable in our open play environment.

Where do you go if it is bad weather?

Your dog’s safety and comfort is our number one priority. We ensure your dog will have a fun-filled day no matter what the weather may bring!

When the weather gets too hot, cold or rainy we take the fun inside to our indoor play area.

On sunny summer days, we fill up our pools for those who love to splash around and provide plenty of shaded areas for dogs to take a break in.

How old does my puppy have to be to join?

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and must have received the necessary vaccinations.

Should I bring the food for my dog?

To prevent upset tummies we recommend owners provide their own dog food. A sudden change in your dog’s diet can cause stomach upset creating great discomfort for your dog.

What days are you closed?

Regular clients will be notified well in advance regarding any days we are closed.

What is our cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your reservation, please call or email us to let us know. Please note though, due to high demand and the limited spots for our furry guests we do implement the following cancellation policy. This opens up spots for dogs that need care who might have otherwise been turned away on a busy day.

Cancellations for day care

Cancellations for day care must be made one day in advance at the latest, otherwise the regular price will be charged.

What vaccinations does my dog need?

Your dog needs to be current on their vaccinations. We strongly recommend that dogs have an extra vaccination against Bordetella (the vaccine against kennel cough), especially in the autumn and winter. We also request that all dogs be on some type of flea preventative.

What if my dog needs regular medication?

Please provide us with your dogs medications. Its also a good idea to add a few extras doses to cover for travel delays and emergencies. Please provide us with detailed information regarding how you administer all medications and how to contact your regular vet.